Bunny collection


I built this bunny character based on a book I like back to middle school. The book was a conversational journal between the writer and a bunny.  He shares lots of thoughts and moments of the life with bunny. Those words are so relatable that felt like he's speaking my mind. 

As a single child in my family, I feel lucky to have this book as my company to grow up with.  

To me, the bunny is not a fictional character anymore, he's a very close friend of mine who I'd be comfortable to share everything with. 

After I learned 3D, I could finally visualise the bunny that exist in my mind. This will be an ongoing serie where I'm trying to capture a feeling for some specific moments. 


I forget things often, like what happened in last summer?

I have no idea.

But I do remember those feelings, 

when wind blows down on me, when sun goes down and leaves pinky sky,

closing eyes and taking a good sniff of fresh air gives me inner peace.

This is how I remember summer time.


bunny: '' i guess thats how people in california feel like all the time :O''

Bunny in ''dreamtopia''